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How to use flutter software for a beginner and review

Introduction to flutter software

Flutter software is not a programming language. It is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. As I researched how to use flutter software for a beginner since we also need to move ahead with this growing word  It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia. Since with the launch of Fuchsia OS, this software will be in trend in the future. The language used in a flutter software for programming is Dart programming language. Google flutter platform has recently released but its popularity is in height in this short period. Used by popular companies like Alibaba, App Tree.

How to use flutter software for beginner

For a beginner, flutter software will be a totally new platform because it is new in the market if you master in this with a great opportunity in the future if it comes on trend.

First, you need to install the flutter software in your system. which must be available in Google play store or outsource website like flutter download

futter software logo
flutter Beta 3 version

Second, you should learn the dart programming language in order to get into the flutter app. Because it uses Dart programming language in order to work on it. So get lessons from youtube or if you need a guidance teaching then you should try the online tutorial here we conduct the full step by step course for the beginners for the hungry talented people like you.

Third, if you have learned the language then you should learn its widget and the predefined functions of the app. A software widget is a relatively simple and easy-to-use software application or component made for one or more different software platforms. Graphical control elements (GUI “widgets”) are examples of reusable modular components that are used together to build a more complex application, allowing programmers to build user interfaces by combining simple, smaller parts.

Advantages of using flutter software

  • Extremely Fast App Development: With features like Hot-reload, code changes in Flutter software are reflected as soon as the alterations are made. The Hot-reload usually doesn’t take more than milliseconds, which helps developers to maintain high speeds and dynamicity for mobile app development. Flutter widgets assist in the creation of native interfaces within a few minutes.
  • Reactive Framework: With the reactive framework, the developers do not need to update UI contents manual and UI changes will be visible automatically.
  • Good for MVP: Flutter is good for developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) apps due to its speedy development process and cross-platform nature. Many modern undertakings and SMEs are thus employing flutter to increase development speeds and get the maximum outputs at lower costs.
  • Access of Native Features: It is extremely simple to set-up Flutter. Developers can easily have access to native features of low-level machines when initiated. Since it is cross-platform in nature, codes can be reused in any application platform.
  • Faster Running of Applications: Flutter software provides smooth and seamless scrolling experiences while in use, without much hangs or cuts.
  • Reduced Efforts of Testing: Since Flutter apps are cross-platform, the testers do not always require to run the same set of tests on different platforms, such as iOS and Android, for the same app. Cross-platform application development enables applications to run on multiple platforms by writing the programming code only once (follows the WORA concept). This saves the time of the testing team. 

Disadvantages of flutter software

it is noted for many of its interesting features but still has the following drawbacks.

  • Web browsers do not support Flutter software : Flutter apps are supported by Android and iOS, but not by web browsers.
  • Limited Libraries: The libraries to be accessed by the mobile application developers is very limited in Flutter. Functionalities need to be developed by application developers themselves.
  • Needs Continuous Support: Since Flutter is comparatively new, it needs continuous integration support through maintenance of scripts, as CI platforms like Jenkins do not support Flutter on a large scale.


Flutter is a great cross-platform solution and is growing day by day in popularity. Developers are adopting flutter software for mobile development and startups are also looking to hire flutter developers for building their mobile application. It’s definitely worth looking into if you are considering to enter cross-platform development space.

If you can afford to have a native app for iOS and Android, you might wanna refrain away from going cross-platform to flutter software. It still has a long way to go in order to match the quality of a native app.

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