PHP is an open source general purpose scripting language, that has the full form of Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP runs on server side, it intract with the server and generate output as HTML.

PHP is a language that is used for web development by web developers.

Firstly PHP was known as Personal Home Page Tools Later on after PHP 3 it is being known as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP used by million of servers world wide. Now a days, PHP is very powerful language. Which is used for cms. World’s most popular CMS wordpress created by PHP.

There are many frameworkd available for php for example codeigniter, lraval, cake PHP etc.

So Keypoints about PHP:

  • PHP permits the web developers to build content dynamically which communicates with the database.
  • PHP helps in web development or web based software applications.
  • Users authentication like validation control on server side and can control the user access.
  • We can deal with forms for getting information from files, save information to a file, email the data can be sent and return data to the end user.
  • Encryption and decryption of the data can be done.
  • Element can be added, deleted and modified within the database through PHP.
  • We can make our login system more secure by using cookies and sessions.
  • It can create, read, write, update, delete data from database

Main Points about PHP are:

  1. It’s Hypertext Preprocessor.
  2. Allows to build web pages dynamically that communicates with the database.
  3. PHP sends the requests to web servers which manipulates the .php page to give the output in the form of HTML.

This all about PHP we you will learn php in my upcoming posts stay tuned.

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