React-Native Introduction


So if you want to build a mobile app for any platfoem what should you learn?

There is a Individual native language for each app i.e Java language for Andoid and Swift/C for IOS?

Native app development for android and ios development are quite different and expensive as well. the way is using cameras is different on both of the platforms.

These days we are looking for the shortest development which can save our time and better app performance. For the same there are many frameworks available React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap etc.

I will focus on React Native part.

What is React Native:

React Native is a framework developed by facebook to creating apps for IOS and Android under one common language JavaScript.

Firstly facebook only develop react native to support IOS. But now we can render apps for android as well.

Why React Native ?

When apps got an update which is written in Swift/C or Java whole app need to be recompiled and a new version need to be distributed app on store again.

To avoide hassle, React Native apps work in a different way, a native app is able to locate specific JavaScript. Which ca be downloaded and compiled app while app is launched on an actual device.

A few facts about react native:

  • React native use node js packages.
  • You can run your project on emulator using Android studio or Xcoder
  • The Index.js file containes the main entry point

So that’s all about react native introduction stay tuned for more tutorials.

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